Black Box Reader® Digital Meth Reader + AM5,4-Part Kits + Case

Black Box Reader® Digital Meth Reader + AM5,4-Part Kits + Case

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Black Box Reader® is used for quantitative measurement of meth contamination levels resulting from testing residue with AccuMeth® cassettes. This cube-shaped device has an edge length of 1.5 inches, making it the world’s smallest digital reader. It will fit into your pocket and weighs only 1.4 ounces. 

Black Box Reader® is inexpensive and very user-friendly; it has just one operating button. A definitive test result is displayed in 3 seconds!

Black Box Reader

Although, AccuMeth® brand kits are semi-quantitative (allowing the user to compare the color of the cassette lines to a Line Intensity Card), numerical results can be obtained with Black Box Reader® to within + 0.05 μg of the legal limit.  

For purposes of electronic documentation, the test results can be copied to a PC or a laptop for further processing using a Black Box Reader® specific data cable.

Clandestine drug lab decontamination crews use the AccuMeth®/Black Box Reader® combination to test for meth in the field. Results instantly!  Will detect both methamphetamine residue from use and meth lab contamination residue.

Choose this item option to get Black Box Reader®, a 5-pack of AccuMeth®5,4-Part meth test kits (0.5 legal standard) and your color choice of Pelican brand carrying case.  

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