AccuMeth®1.5 Home Meth Testing Kit |1.5 Standard

AccuMeth®1.5 Home Meth Testing Kit |1.5 Standard

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AccuMeth®1.5 instant methamphetamine residue detection tests are used much like a pregnancy test, onsite, to get immediate results. 

AccuMeth®1.5 kits contain a precise immunoassay cassette and a special buffer to semi-quantitatively determine the  amount of  meth contamination on walls, ceilings, floors – any non-porous surfaces. The cassette line color is then compared to a Line Intensity Card for immediate semi-quantitative results. Sample 1 area, get 1 result.  

This test will detect both methamphetamine use and meth production contamination. Pair with the Black Box Reader® to get digital measurements. 

AccuMeth®1.5 is validated to the 1.5 µg/100cm2 regulatory standard; the regulatory limit for CA, WA, AZ, NM and CO (use and post decon encapsulated sites). Test for meth residue in houses, offices, apartments, schools, cars, garages – any suspect area! 

AccuMeth® methamphetamine contamination kits are not harmful, will not measure other contaminates that will skew results and there are no shipping fees to the laboratory - get results on site. 

For sale in bulk packs of 5, 10 and 20.  Buy affordable, reliable meth test kits!

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See the instruction video on YouTube or watch below.  The AccuMeth® sample video shows the same collection method used for AccuMeth®1.5.


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