AccuMeth® Meth Residue Testing Kit | 0.1 Standard

AccuMeth® Meth Residue Testing Kit | 0.1 Standard

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AccuMeth® meth residue test kit works instantly, much like a pregnancy test, to detect the presence of methamphetamine residue in homes, offices, garages, cars – on any interior surface that may be contaminated. 

Clandestine drug lab remediation professionals use AccuMeth® and MethAssure®, our laboratory analyzed meth test kit, for testing properties after decontamination. These kits will detect both meth use and meth lab contamination. Anyone can safely use these kits!

Sample 1 area, get 1 result. Use a Line Intensity Card for semi-quantitative, color comparison to the target standard of 0.1 µg/100cm2; the legal limit for WV, OK, MT, SD, ID, TN, NE, AK, KY,  NC, MN (production sites), HI; AR (0.05) and CO (0.2).  

AccuMeth® meth testing kit includes:

  • Cassette Test Indicator
  • Line Intensity Card
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Template
  • Wipe
  • Trade Secret Buffer
  • Easy to Use Pictorial Instructions 

More is less!  Buy AccuMeth® brand kits in bulk packages. 

AccuMeth® meth testing kits can also dock to Meth Lab Cleanup’s Black Box Reader® to get quantitative results to within + 0.05 µg of the target standard. 

digital meth testing

Test for meth use or production contamination the correct way. See how:

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