MI, IN, CO, MN, WY, UT + more | 0.5 Standard

Target the 0.5 ug/100cm2 legal standard; the limit for Indiana, Michigan, Colorado, Wyoming (.75 ug), Minnesota (use homes). Use these meth test kits for Utah - regulated at the 1.0 ug standard. 

AccuMeth® 0.5 standard methamphetamine test kits are also great for testing for meth contamination in states that are not yet regulated.  Test for meth residue in apartments, homes, offices, schools, cars, garages – any non-porous surface! 

Use this kit for either methamphetamine use or for clandestine drug lab properties.  To check to see if a suspect residence is on the DEA Registry, go here.  This list is far from comprehensive and few contaminated properties actually end up on ANY list.  Also check state or county sheriff's offices, health departments and look at the regulations and property lists on Meth Lab Cleanup Company's website. 

Choose the AccuMeth®5 meth testing kit (sample 1 area, get 1 result) and/or the AccuMeth®5,4-Part methamphetamine test kit (wipe 4 areas, get an averaged result).

Buy the AccuMeth® 2-Pack kit: use the AccuMeth®5,4-Part for interior walls, floors and ceilings, the use the AccuMeth®5 to test the heat system.

Table of Contents

  1. Meth Production Homes
  2. Meth Contaminates Surfaces
  3. Methamphetamine Health Risks
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1. How Do You Know If Your House Was Meth House?

The manufacture of methamphetamine in homes constitutes a serious and growing exponential environmental problem in the US. Illegal drugs are manufactured out of easy to buy materials and equipment and require little to no training of the basic chemistry needed to produce a harmful, illegal drug. How do you know whether or not your home was used as a drug house or used to manufacture methamphetamine? 

First, check with your local agencies: health department, drug task force, or your community policing service to see if your address is on a contaminated property listing or is a known drug site. Then and most importantly, test for methamphetamine residue.


2. How Does Meth Contaminate Homes? 

After the meth manufacture process has finished, most of the immediate hazards decrease. However, some residual contamination created from repeated "cooks" can remain long after all production has stopped causing health problems. Harmful chemicals can be volatilized or aerosolized during the cooking process and deposited on surfaces and materials. Contaminants in air are absorbed into porous materials including drapes, carpets, furniture, rugs and other surfaces and may also contaminate the heating system of the residence. Spills are common in meth labs and my impact appliances, walls, floors and other nonporous surfaces. Clandestine meth production also include hazardous chemicals which may be dumped down the toilets, drains and/or sinks and leave contamination in the waste water system. 

To know if your home is contaminated with residue from smoking meth or to check for meth residue remaining from a clandestine drug lab, you need to perform testing.  It's that simple.     

3. Is Meth Contamination Harmful?  

Exposure to meth contamination can take several routes: breathing, eating, injecting or though skin absorption.  Both chronic (long term, over 1 year) and acute (short term) health issues may result from meth contaminant exposure.  Direct contact with product or waste and inhalation of product or wastes are considered acute exposures.  Burns, Tissue irritation, rashes and burns may result from skin contact and chemical spills.  Nausea, headaches, dizziness and other health effects may result from vapor inhalation. For more information on methamphetamine contamination hazards, visit this link.

If you are experiencing medical issues that you suspect are related to meth use or meth production contamination in your home or apartment test to find out if the cause is methamphetamine related. When it comes to confidence and accuracy in on-site testing for methamphetamine residue there’s nothing like using the right tools to do the job on the spot. You need a proven meth test kit that can provide answers immediately: AccuMeth®.   AccuMeth® kits are easy to use and you can't beat their performance.

See how they work. Demonstration videos are available on both Vimeo and YouTube.

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