Black Box Reader® Meth Test Device + AM®4-Part Kits + Case

Black Box Reader® Meth Test Device + AM®4-Part Kits + Case

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Black Box Reader® is an easy-to-use digital testing device designed for the quantification of methamphetamine residue using AccuMeth® brand kits and color change. The Black Box Reader® views this color change with an “electronic eye” to obtain exact readings off of the AccuMeth® test cassette.

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Black Box Reader® is calibrated per cassette lot number by radio-frequency. With the press of a button, get precise results within + 0.05 μg of the legal standard! 

The average deviation of the Black Box Reader® is 9.1%. Laboratories that analyze methamphetamine are allowed a deviation of 20%.

Black Box Reader® is only 1.5 inches and weighs 1.4 ounces. It is battery powered and comes complete with software and USB cord that allows you to download data: residue levels, time/date, lot#s, field notes - into your computer.

Choose this product option to get Black Box Reader®, a 5-pack of AccuMeth®4-Part meth test kits (0.1 legal standard) and a Pelican brand carrying case of your color choice. 

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