AccuMeth®5,4-Part  Meth Testing Kits | 0.5 Standard

AccuMeth®5,4-Part Meth Testing Kits | 0.5 Standard

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AccuMeth®5,4-Part meth residue testing kits function much like a pregnancy test.  Test for methamphetamine residue using  a trade secret buffer and an ultra-sensitive test cassette that will not result in false positives.

Get validated results on both methamphetamine use residue and meth lab contamination. Sample 4 areas, get 1 averaged result.

meth residue testing

Compare test results to a Line Intensity Card with a measured gradient to the target standard of 0.5 µg/100cm2.  AccuMeth® meth detection kits can also be docked with Meth Lab Cleanup’s Black Box Reader® to get quantitative results ranging within + 0.05 µg of the legal limit. Take four samples on any nonporous surface, get one result. 

Target the 0.5 ug/100cm2 standard; the legal limit for MI, IN, CO and MN (use properties). These meth test kits are also good for WY (.75); use this kit to test for meth in Utah (1.0). 

Contractors offering clandestine drug lab decontamination services use both AccuMeth® and MethAssure® to test their work!

AccuMeth®5,4-Part includes:

  • 1 Pair Nitrile Gloves
  • 4 Templates
  • 4 Surface Wipe
  • 1 Trade Secret Buffer
  • 1 Cassette Test Indicator
  • 1 Line Intensity Card
  • Easy to Read Instructions

AccuMeth® meth residue testing kits have been field and laboratory validated, are nonhazardous and easy-to-use. Get instant results. 

AccuMeth® methamphetamine testing kits are available in 5, 10 and 20 bulk packs.  Take advantage of the cost savings! 

Watch do-it-yourself videos on YouTubeThe AccuMeth®4 video demonstrates the same methodology for sampling as the AccuMeth®5,4.  

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