Who Pays for Cleaning a Meth Lab?

Payment for clandestine drug lab assessment and/or decontamination is usually the responsibility of the home owner.  Some home insurance policies will cover meth lab cleanup; it depends on the policy.  Meth testing and/or decontamination may be covered under smoke damage or vandalism.  Please note: the policy may have specific exclusions regarding drug lab properties.  It is important that you carefully read your policy and understand the coverage. If you need help, give us a call:  208-683-1974, ask for Joe.  

Many contaminated properties are foreclosed on by the mortgage holder.  The remediation then falls on the bank.  The bank will either contract a clandestine drug lab decontamination firm to remediate the property or will sell the property as is with or without disclosure.  Learn your state's disclosure requirements

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