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FentAssure™ Instant Fentanyl Residue Test Kits

Illicit fentanyl and its analogues pose a potential hazard to healthcare, law enforcement, emergency response personnel, decontamination specialists - any individuals who could come into contact with fentanyl contamination in the course of their work or at home.

FentAssure fentanyl residue test kits are easy to use, affordable and nonhazardous. Sample any interior surface for fentanyl contamination, get results instantly.

FentAssure™ fentanyl test kits target fentanyl and ten fentanyl analogs.  FentAssure kits are extremely sensitive, no false positives. 

FentAssure™ instant kits are measured to the strictest methamphetamine reside standard of 0.1 ug/100cm2.  No legal limits (standards) for fentanyl contamination have been established in the US. 

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