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What Are the Signs of a Meth House?

Structures used to make meth will normally have containers of of harmful materials like ether, solvents, phosphorus, paint thinners, bases and acids, or anhydrous ammonia. Other laboratory equipment, storage or cooking containers, or heating sources may also be present. Typically, a hazmat crew will remove the bulk of any production-related debris such as containers and chemicals after a lab is discovered by law enforcement. However, small residues of chemicals may have contaminated surfaces, drains, sinks, ventilation systems and absorbent materials (clothing, carpets, furniture, etc.). The drug lab contaminants may pose serious health threats to persons exposed to them.

You may witness suspicious behavior that indicate illegal activity is taking place inside a residence. You might see individuals act paranoid, not leave the house for extended periods, have frequent nighttime visitors and they may take their garbage elsewhere.  Meth producers will often have extensive security systems, keep out and no trespassing signs and guard dogs. 

Perform due diligence on any suspect property.  Check the National RegistryHealth Department (normally the Environmental Health Program) listings and call your local law enforcement representative. For information on children at risk in meth use or methamphetamine manufacturing environments visit the National Drug Endangered Children website.

The only way to determine if your residence is contaminated is to test; buy AccuMeth® meth test kits. Know for sure!

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