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FentAssure™ Instant Fentanyl Residue Test Kits

FentAssure™ fentanyl residue test kits are easy to use, affordable and nonhazardous.  Sample any interior surface for fentanyl contamination, get results instantly. 

FentAssure™ fentanyl test kits target fentanyl and ten fentanyl analogs.  FentAssure kits are extremely sensitive, no false positives. 

FentAssure™ instant kits are measured to the strictest methamphetamine reside standard of 0.1 ug/100cm2.  No legal limits (standards) for fentanyl contamination have been established in the US. 

Fentanyl is frequently crushed and pressed into pill form, producing a distinct green dust that can coat surfaces or float in the air. Fentanyl powder has been increasingly used in illicit drug manufacturing activities (heroin, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, etc.), pill presses, and other clandestine distribution operations. Illicit fentanyl activities can lead to complex contamination incidents and create exposure risks to law enforcement, emergency responders, remediation contractors, and the public.

Although government health and drug control authorities have not produced safety and cleanup guidance for fentanyl that is as comprehensive as that for methamphetamine, they have not been silent. The EPA released a Fact Sheet for on-scene coordinators in 2018 that may be the best single source on encountering and removing fentanyl. 

Use FentAssure™ to detect fentanyl residue in properties contaminated by snorting, smoking, injesting or producing fentanyl pills. For use on any nonporous surface - walls, floors, ceilings, fans, cabinets, etc. Find out if your home is making you sick!

FentAssure™ instant kits are measured to the strictest methamphetamine residue standard of 0.1 ug/100cm2.  No legal limits (standards) for fentanyl contamination have been established in the US.

FentAssure™ test kits do not indicate the amount of fentanyl residue, just the presence or absence of fentanyl and ten additional fentanyl analogs.

See below for instruction videos. The first video demonstrates the FentAssure™ kit (sample 1 area, get 1 result); the second, the FentAssure™4 (sample 4 areas, get 1 averaged result).

FentAssure™ Discrete Video | Sample 1 Area, Get 1 Result

FentAssure™4 Composite Video | Sample 4 Areas, Get 1 Averaged Result


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