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Black Box Reader® Digital Meth Testing Device + AccuMeth® Kits w/o Case

Black Box Reader® Digital Meth Testing Device + AccuMeth® Kits w/o Case

Black Box Reader® Digital Meth Testing Device + AccuMeth® Kits w/o Case

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Black Box Reader® is an electronic meth testing device used in conjunction with AccuMeth® brand kits for the quantification of meth residue. Get test results with the press of a button, within + 0.05 μg of the legal standard!  Average deviation is only 9.1%. The most accurate laboratories that analyze are allowed a deviation of 20%; some labs are much higher.

Black Box Reader® is calibrated prior to each sampling event with a radio-frequency card. It fits in the palm of your hand! Black Box Reader® is powered by battery and the test results can be uploaded to a PC or a laptop for an electronic record of the sampling event. NOTE: software is PC only.

Use Black Box Reader® in conjunction with all AccuMeth® brand meth residue testing kits. This item choice comes with either a 5-pack of AccuMeth®4-Part kits (0.1 standard) or a 5-pack of AccuMeth®5,4-Part kits (0.5 standard). 

how to test for meth

Take a look at our YouTube videos on how to test for meth. The Box video is below:

Satisfied Customers

Their customer service is excellent. The instructions were a bit confusing, so I did the test wrong, but they sent me out a new kit to make up for it! Amazing service! 


Well packaged and extremely fast delivery. Arrived long before posted date. Great service. 


This worked for us and saved us from buying a house that would have turned into a nightmare to remediate. I’m so glad we found this product! 


Excellent service and product!! They were a tremendous help. This company is the best! 

I. Marino

Convenient and easy to use. The tests are very easy to use and understand.

Raelyne J.

Works Great! This kit worked exactly as directed and confirmed our suspicions. Thank you!

J. M.

Homeowner concern after a break in used this kit to test a house after a break in. The kit has EVERYTHING needed to test except masking tape to mount the templates. Great Product - I highly recommend.

James W.

Excellent Product/Experience - Highly recommend!I ordered five test kits. They arrived super fast and customer service was outstanding! They were easy to use and the video was helpful in explaining the process and making it stress free. We loved the relatively low cost and instant results. We would highly recommend!

Jackie A.

Simple, Effective ResultsI recommend to anyone testing for Meth contamination to use this product!

Christina M.
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