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Black Box Reader® Digital Methamphetamine Residue Test Device

Black Box Reader® is an electronic meth testing device used in conjunction with AccuMeth® brand kits for the quantification of meth residue. Get test results with the press of a button, within + 0.05 μg of the legal standard!  The Black Box is the ONLY digial meth residue testing device available. Revolutionary!

Scroll down to watch the instructional video and an explanation of Reader data.

    The average deviation of the Black Box®/AccuMeth® cassette combination is only 9.1%. Laboratories that test methamphetamine residue are allowed a deviation of 20%; some labs have much higher deviation percentages.  The Black Box is extremely accurate!

    Black Box Reader® is ideal for individuals or organizations that need to document property inspections, tenant change, property disclosures, status prior to sale; or to demonstrate legal or environmental compliance.   

    Black Box Reader® data can easily be downloaded into a computer to be included with property documentation.  The demonstration video is below. 

    1. How Does a Digital Meth Testing Device Work?

    Measure meth residue contamination using AccuMeth® cassettes and the Black Box Reader® - follow these easy steps:

    1. Turn Box On

    2. Calibrate with RFID

    3. Insert Cassette - Run Test

    4. Read Results

    2. What is Radio-Frequency Calibration?

    A radio-frequency identification (RFID) card uses an electronic signal to transmit digital data to a nearby device.  When an electromagnetic pulse from the RFID card reaches the Black Box Reader®, the Box is calibrated to the lot number on the AccuMeth® cassette. This confirms that a specific lot of manufactured cassettes are matched, exactly, to the Black Box Reader®.  RFID calibration verifies that the contamination levels measured are accurate.  

    Evaluation of the quantitative results demonstrate that the average deviation for Black Box Reader® and AccuMeth® is only 9.1%; the median is 6.5%. Top laboratories analyzing methamphetamine are allowed a deviation of 20%; some lab deviations are even higher.

    3. How Do You Interpret Black Box Data?

    Black Box Reader® comes complete with an instruction booklet and software that allows you to download data: residue levels, time/date, lot#s, field notes - into your computer. The application allows for the user to adjust the data fields to capture information specific to each property. See below for an example of the computer generated data.

    4. Black Box Reader Specifications

    Black Box Reader® cube-shaped device has an edge length of 1.5 inches, making it the world’s smallest digital reader. It will even fit into your pocket and it weighs only 1.4 ounces. Black Box Reader® is inexpensive and very user-friendly; it has just one operating button. A definitive test result is displayed in 3 seconds!

    Although, AccuMeth® brand kits are semi-quantitative (allowing the user to compare the color of the cassette lines to a Line Intensity Card), numerical results can be obtained with Black Box Reader® to within + 0.05 μg of the legal limit.  

    Black Box Reader® is powered by battery and stores up to a 100 readings on site.  After 100, the Black Box Reader® is cleared and you can begin again. 

    5. How Do You Document Meth Testing?

    The Black Box Reader® comes with a specialized USB cord that allows you to download your testing data into a computer.  Testing results can then be inserted into a report to document your sampling event for compliance or legal purposes.  Comprehensive documentation on any property assessment is critical in order to baseline the state of the property and to show progression. Document the health of your rental before, during and after tenants!  Great for landlords, tribal entities, social service personnel, home inspectors, clandestine drug lab decontamination specialists - anyone that requires a record of property status or transactions.

    6. Optional Heavy-Duty Carrying Case

    Choose the carrying case option for your Black Box Reader® and AccuMeth® kits. Your choice of many case colors!  These Pelican brand cases come with unique Pick ‘N Pluck foam. This foam is pre-cut which allows you to customize the interior by half inch cubes. Trace out the Black Box/AccuMeth® test kit items and/or camera and simply pluck the foam out by hand, no tool required. You can customize your case in less than 15 minutes.  

    Keep your testing materials from being damaged, keep them clean and keep them together.

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